by Üntermensch

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released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Üntermensch Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: Streetwear Queen
you think you're sparkling
you think you're the one
let me show you
you're own state

everyday i suffered
when i see your crew
a concentrate of arrogance
just disturb my peace

Streetwear queen
fag dress
fag mind
streetwear queen
fag friends
fag life
Track Name: French movies
2000 years
to get this result
always the same jerk
who tell his bullshit
i'm fed up of
those fuckin rake
a clown generation
that's not what i need

one thirty hour
to lost my soul
one thirty hour
to lose my life
Track Name: Hardcore pride
who've got the best clothes
who've got the bigger asshole
i want to be the most
extravagant guy

how can i be the prettiest?
and keep my casual style
how can i stay right
with a dildo in ass

i wanna start a band
i wanna start a band
i wanna start a band
to make an hardcore pride